Lit by Liz March 2nd, 2016
Ileana was an incredible inspiration to me and so many of us at BWW. Such a special and rare person, so full of love, spirit and character. She made time for everyone and kindness really did shine from her. Ileana gave so much support to those around her and she was respected and adored by us all. In my last memory of Ileana she was leaving the office, beaming with happiness to see an old friend, wearing one of her statement colorful, sequin outfits and sparkly shoes. We had a conversation in the office about how much we admired her and what a role model she was in so many ways. We all miss her dearly but her memory will live on through the incredible work she has done and everyone she touched and inspired by being the true individual that she was. With love, Liz x
This candle went out on 3rd April 2016.