Peter April 5th, 2016

Dearest Ileana, Many, many moons ago we found each other, and then we lost each other. Through all the intervening years, you were often in my thoughts and my one wish for you was for you to be happy. Then several years ago, we found each other again! What a day. And as soon as I heard your stories of Russ, and Rachel, and your successful career, I knew my prayers had been answered and you were very, very happy! Although we have only talked on the phone a few times and exchanged a couple of dozen e-mails, knowing you were doing what you loved to do, and had a wonderful family made my own life much more complete. And now we have lost each other again. I was lucky that your friend Tina, at BWW, was watching your e-mails and answered my Easter hello to you with the saddest news of all. What a tough job for her. Through her, I found this beautiful memorial and have been deeply touched by sharing the things your friends and family have written to you. Since I found out you traveled so much for work, I got into the habit of wishing you a safe journey whenever a plane flew over. Now, I guess, I will think of you at night, when I always go out to look at the stars to say hello to those folks who are now with God. I will always send a special hello to you. So, my dearest friend, I will miss you very much until that time when we find each other again! Pete