Ileana at Big White Wall

Created by Sylvia 4 years ago
Ileana had a deep rooted passion for using technology to genuinely improve people’s lives, and enhance their ability to get quality care. She spent over 30 years in executive leadership in business development and marketing of healthcare services, technology and software. She worked in the US, Germany and the UK, and held a senior leadership position with Bosch before joining Big White Wall.

Ileana began her career as a nurse, and had a postgraduate education in Geriatric Care Management. She spent a significant part of her career designing and deploying technology-enabled care coordination programmes to major US health organisations. Prior to that, she held leadership positions in international organizations deploying services and technologies for the chronically ill and the elderly.

She made a huge impact at Big White Wall, which she joined in 2013. We valued and respected her drive, her loyalty, her vision and her kindness. Ileana believed in helping others first and foremost. Her memory will live on in BWW, and we will miss her immensely.